Luxury, in the Lap of Nature.

Shangri-La Jungle Resort is nestled tranquily amongst the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats, also known as Sahyadri (Benevolent Mountains), a mountain range that runs parallel to the West Coast of India.

This region is one of the world’s Top Ten Biodiversity Hotspots, teeming with a countless abundance of flora and fauna, to the extent that it is home to many undiscovered species, with its rich biodiversity rivaling even the Amazon.

Shangri-La is a Paradise for Nature lovers, Adventurists, Thrill Seekers & Fitness Buffs.

A wide range of activities & attractions  for families, groups of friends and even the solitary traveller are available.

It is also ideal for those who would like to sit back, relax, luxuriate in the beautiful ambience and rejuvenate.

Shangri-la Jungle Resort

12/13 Karambal Village, Post – Anmod, Joida, Goa – Karnataka Border.


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Prashant Korgaonkar, Founder & Owner

Prashant Korgaonkar is an idealistic man with a tremendous vision that has led him to this point. His entrepreneurial journey started more than a couple of decades ago with ‘OCEANIC’, a shack at baga beach. From then on, there’s no looking back.

Prashant has successfully developed groundbreaking venues and continues to do so with zeal.


Food & Beverage

The Al Fresco Restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch & dinner as well as all day dining.

The menu includes Indian, Goan &  Chinese dishes.


8 + 15 =

A Little FUN Time

You can start your day by waking up to the sound of birdsong mingled with the chirruping insects and magical melodies of the forest.

Spend the day relaxing by the pool, or indulge in Flying Fox, Boating, Kayaking and other indoor activities to choose from.

A perfect getaway for the whole family or a group of friends.

Outdoor Fun

  • Flying Fox
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kayaking & Boating
  • Ropeway Crossing

Indoor Activities

  • Table Tennis
  • Pool Table
  • Carrom
  • Board Games
  • Foosball

The Spa

The Spa is presently under renovation.

Shangri-La Jungle Resort

12/13, Karambal Village,
Post – Anmod,
Goa-Karnataka Border


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